’s Tomcat is Hot and Handy

By the time I had heard of San Francisco’s empire, they were already famous because their Fucking Machines had been featured on HBO’s show “Real Sex”. Word was definitely getting around, and I had to check them out.

Then at the end of 2006, bought the old armory in SF, turning it into a a 200,000 square foot pleasure palace with offices and filming sets.

Some of the best stuff about is the details: the “after glow” shots of the models and “Behind Kink” interviews.

I recently stumbled into this “Behind Kink,” featuring’s director Tomcat giving a tour of all the new kinky machines to’s CEO Peter Ackworth. I’m going to guess that Tomcat is the reason so much of the material manages to be thoroughly pornographic without feeling especially misogynistic. Tomcat is genderqueer, smart, hot, and apparently very creative and handy with his hands. The whole scene is kinky, wild, and funny. A short documentary about fucking machines, if you will.

Warning: This is definitely x-rated material and not for the sexually squeamish. It’s also not for watching at work. That said, you can check out Tomcat’s tour here.


4 responses to “’s Tomcat is Hot and Handy

  1. well, if you’re going to talk behing my back on the web, at least send me some dirty hot pictures!

    Glad you like my work, i am afterall, a peoples man…just the messenger if you will.

    And yes, the hottest thing on the planet is soft flesh and cold steel…

    That and my new love affair with, the site I now run in addition to


  2. I have the biggest crush on Tomcat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tomcat is definitely majorly hot!!!
    Just watched this one the other day…
    found it while looking for sploshing porn…
    mmmm….pepperoni! 🙂

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