Breasts: Biggest and Smaller

38kkkWhoa. This gives a whole new meaning to “supersize me”.

Sheyla Hershey has set a record for having the world’s largest enhanced breasts.

At 38FFF, Hershey was convinced she wasn’t big enough, but the state of Texas said she was. I guess that blows everything I’ve ever heard about everything being bigger in Texas, but it seems there’s a state law about how much silcone can be pumped into one body – and she was already holding a gallon.

(Yes, this comes with significant health risks.)

So, before you could say “Holy Beachballs, Batman,” Hershey headed to Brazil to… uh… further expand her boundaries.

Hershey is a performer who has said she was influenced, in part, by Dolly Parton.

On a more subtler, sillier, sexier, and smaller note, check out the NYC Burlesque Pasties blog, a compendium of strippers breasts barely covered with cool and crafty pasties. The great ones below are on Seattle’s finest, Miss Indigo Blue.



3 responses to “Breasts: Biggest and Smaller

  1. Wow, that’s just unbelievable. I mean, I’m not going to lie and pretend I’ve never wished my boobs were bigger, but jeez. How does she function? And who finds that attractive?

  2. Ms. Hershey has got to have some terrible back problems.

    Apparently, the silicone in breast implants weighs 0.0375 oz per cc. One gallon is about 3785 cubic centimeters. Thus, she has added about 8.87 lbs (just over 4 kg) to the front of her chest.

    • I had to laugh at the irony of calling her “Ms.” since that was once a controversial feminist designation… hardly seems to go with adding 8.87 pounds to your bust, does it?

      I just keep thinking about how much they must *itch*. Having gone through the stomach expansion of pregnancy, and all of that discomfort, I can’t imagine how those must feel… they look as hard, smooth, and shiny as a newly waxed car!

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