The Lesbian Face of Avon on the Super Bowl

294764745_4cd1b5c7b6_oI’m going to have a whole new picture in my head when I hear “Ding-dong. Avon calling.”

The venerable Avon company was founded in 1886 and bills itself as “the company for women”. It expanded to worldwide distribution and $9.9 billion in sales with a backbone of (primarily) female saleswomen.

Now the company is proving that it supports all kinds of women.

Daryn DeZengotita of Dallas, an out lesbian, is one of five Avon sales representatives chosen to serve as the “faces of Avon” around the world in an advertising and marketing campaign. This commercial is going to get one of the largest television audiences of the year when it airs Sunday, Feb. 1, during the Super Bowl.

DeZengotita has been an Avon representative for 8 years and has found Avon to be incredibly supportive.

When being considered for her promotional role, she told the company up front: “I am gay, and I am not careful with my pronouns.”

(I’m loving that line!)

She says her sexual orientation has been a non-issue. “They have shown absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in promoting me as the face of Avon around the world.”

One more good reason to stock up on Skin So Soft!

You can read more about DeZengotita and Avon here, in the Dallas Voice.


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