Oh, So Cute! Mandelbrot Bear

If I was going to pick out a plushy to keep my big-brained and oh-so-sexy sweetheart warm in my absence, this would be the one. This fractal teddy bear is named Mandelbrot and was designed by the crafty blogger at Buttons for Mouse.

Those of you who didn’t read James Gleick‘s Chaos: Making a New Science, can bone up on Benoit Mandlebrot and his sets here.

M. Eric Carr at Northlight Computing made this short film Mandlebrot Zoom, featuring the song “Mandlebrot Sets” by Johnathan Coulton. You’ve got to love a song that contains the line “you’re one bad-assed fucking fractal”.

(Baby, I hope you’re out there listening tonight… I’m dedicating this one to you!)


One response to “Oh, So Cute! Mandelbrot Bear

  1. l'il leather daddy

    aaawwwww! so cute!!!

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