If Alice Eats Yogurt, I Guess I Should Too

I guess I’ll have to tag this post “culture geek”.

Women love yogurt. They really do. The proof is in this video.

Watch for Leisha Haily, the L Word’s own Alice Pieszecki. She’s always cute, even in a bad bridesmaid’s dress, playing it straight… and darn I love her with that short hair!

You would think that the one “real” lesbian on the L Word could actually have short hair, wouldn’t you? But alas, there’s hardly a shorn head to be seen this season. The question isn’t “Will the L Word Survive Jenny’s Death,” but rather “Can the L Word Stay Afloat with All That Hair?”

It seems yogurt is the obvious bait for attracting women and long hair is the obvious bait for catching the lucrative male 18-34 viewing audience.

I want to thank Erica C. Barnett over at The Stranger’s Slog (home of  my – unbeknownst to him – gay boyfriend, Dan Savage) for hooking me up with Shakesville and this video.


4 responses to “If Alice Eats Yogurt, I Guess I Should Too

  1. Would you believe (speaking with “normal guy” hat on) that I have never seen one episode of “The L Word” – which kind of confounds the idea that all guys are drawn to the idea of girls getting it on…

    Great blog btw.

  2. I searched for “Geek” on WordPress search, and your post was near the top – I couldn’t resist commenting 🙂

  3. That is hands down my favorite Target Women episode ever. (Though, the diets one was pretty good too.)

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