Indigo Girls Launch Label, Plan New Recording Release

blog3052nalIt’s been three long years since the Indigo Girls have released a studio album. Now the duo is starting their own label, IG Recordings, which will release their new 2-CD album, Poseidon And The Bitter Bug, due out in March. The new cd set will be will be distributed through Vanguard Records.

Emily Saliers and Amy Ray have played together as the Indigo Girls for more than two decades. Recording releases have become less frequent as each of them has pursued independent projects.

In a statement in a press release, Emily Saliers says, “For a band like us, it might feel inauthentic if we tried to branch out in some crazy way musically. That’s why Amy makes solo records, so she can do her own thing outside of what we do together.”

Amy Ray started the excellent Daemon Records which supports a growing roster of feisty small bands, as well as distributing her solo work. Saliers ventured into the restaurant business. She’s currently co-owner of the haute Southern Watershed.

Ray has long chafed at the strictures of the major labels and had this to say about the new project: “I feel a great sense of freedom in finally being rid of the major-label world. It’s been a burden for a while for me. I felt an honesty and sincerity making Poseidon, because I fully believe in independence.”


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