NYT Loves DTWOF… even though dykes are “nowhere”

dtwof-151I guess my favorite part of the New York Times’ glowing review of Alison Bechdel’s cartoon collection, Essential Dykes to Watch Out For, is when the reviewer writes that Bechdel seemed to “come out of nowhere” two years ago with her award-winning graphic autobiography Fun Home.

Since I’m happy the NYT is loving all over Alison – quite possibly the smartest and hardest working author/cartoonist in the country – I’ll try not to be miffed that the reviewer considers liberal dyke culture to be “nowhere”. After all, many of us lez-be-ians have considered the DTWOF characters to be in our circle of intimate friends for a long, long time now.

If you’re a DTWOF fan, this review is like a Christmas letter from your chosen family. If you’re new to Bechdel’s cartoons, this will make you an instant fan.

Read it here, and when you’re finished, drop her a note of congrats on her blog.


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