Everywhere Apologies

missiongathering1Make no mistake: I’m a lesbian, but I’m not married.

The legality of my personal relationship isn’t being tumbled around in the slimy backwash of California’s Proposition 8.

And yet, everywhere I go, people apologize to me.

Maybe it’s my short hair (Barack Obama, Candace Gingrich, and I all share the same barber), or maybe its my sensible shoes, but people I’ve don’t even know are apologizing to me.

First it was emails from far off friends. Then it was phone calls. “Oh my gawd,” they said. “We never thought this would happen… not in California. We’re so sorry.”

Then my yoga students started apologizing to me. One man, a newish student who I don’t know very well, came up to me before class and touched my arm. “I have lawyers friends that are already filing suits,” he said. “I think this will turn out fine.”

This week, my sweetie and I spent some time at a hot springs resort a few hours away. As we checked into our room, we commented on how crowded the place seemed. Parking was scarce.

“It’s the election,” the man at the desk said. “People were laying low and waiting for the outcome. Now everyone is so joyous and hopeful they want to come out and celebrate.”

Then he looked at us, and said, sadly, “Well, we were happy about most of it.”

And right there at the registration desk, the three of us had a little moment of silence.

Now the apologies are becoming more global in scope

A church in San Diego has paid for this billboard that reads:

“Missiongathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who took away the rights and equality of so many in the name of God.”

You’ll also find a similiar message on the church’s website.

The Missiongathering church is affiliated with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which has approximately 723,000 members throughout North America. Ronald Regan was baptized in this denomination. The San Diego church was founded by a group of young adults who say they want “to embody God’s grace to the emerging/postmodern culture they are a part of.”

Even though the billboard is hundreds of miles away, it still feels personal to me and I appreciate the sentiment.


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