Hot Girls and Good Shoes, a Great Combination

Does anybody besides me remember the Sundance Catalog of a few years ago, where 80 percent of the female models looked like hot lesbians? I don’t know what it was… the chummy girl-with-girl poses, the rugged natural-fiber clothes, the sturdy leather shoes, or just something about their jaw-lines, but the girls looked gay.

(Before you run out for a catalog, rethink that action. Sundance is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and sensible shoes or not, there a call to boycott supporters of California’s Proposition 8, including the State of Utah and businesses that live there. Read more here.)

Unfortunately it’s a myth that lesbian partnering doubles any part of your wardrobe. Invariably one of you is in nice little Italian flats and the other is in Frye motorcycle boots… after all, variety is the real spice of life, not a bigger shoe collection.

But check out this new print campaign from Bianco Footwear. Yowsa, baby. (There’s even a little movie you watch on the website!)





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