Mormons Feeling the Heat… What Did They Expect?

It’s a funny thing, but apparently the Mormon Church is feeling the heat of the anti-Prop 8 protests and is surprised at the backlash. It seems the church had hoped its stand against same-sex marriage would finally establish Mormons squarely in the American mainstream.

There’s irony that this group, which has practiced polygamy (although they’ve mostly given that up now) and has openly discriminated against African-Americans and other people of color (although they stopped that in 1978 when God – and the IRS – said to), and ultimately felt the repercussions of those choices, is trying to find another group to step on in its climb to social acceptance.

The mainstream media is reporting the church starting planning its action against same-sex marriage over a decade ago. (See previous post here.)

My stomach is turned by the idea that the Mormon Church used a political action intending to curtail the civil rights of a group of people as a way of increasing their own acceptance.

Along the way, in a carefully executed plan, they manipulated the Catholic Church, and even African-American voters.

In retrospect, are any of you feeling used?

A story in the LA Times has the details.


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