Sarah Palin’s Problems: Dressed and Undressed

Let’s face it, the couple of months we’re going to have to wait until President-elect Barack Obama takes office are loaded with anticipation. We’re filled with as much excitement as, say, the Obama girls are about that new puppy.

To keep our minds in the present, there’s still Sarah Palin.

The news media is reporting that she spent far more on clothes than the $150,000 first reported, including tens of thousands of dollars on suits for her husband, and that some of the clothes, which the Republican party quickly reported would go to charity after the campaign, have been “lost”.

Several McCain aides say they have recently discovered that Palin’s traveling staff had used personal credit cards to spend as much as $20,000 to $30,000 on additional wardrobe items for Palin. (Read the LA Times story here.)

Now McCain aids say a GOP lawyer is being dispatched to Alaska to try to inventory and retrieve the clothes before the rest are “lost”. (Or I would guess mud-stained or powder-burned.)

And if she didn’t have enough trouble with the clothes she was wearing, the Huffington Post reported this week that Palin once greeted McCain staffers while clad only in a towel.

You’d think that her new wardrobe would have included a robe.

The fascination with what Palin wears and doesn’t wear may have hit a peak. This blogsite, caters to well, someone. (Spoiler alert: The site features graphic descriptions of heterosexual sex.)

I’m sure someone can turn this into a drinking game.

For example, everyone can take turns reading the stories out loud and the group can take a shot every time Sarah Palin says “maverick” … or “throbbing cock”.


Palin Once Greeted McCain Staff Wearing Only A Towel

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