Where is The Governator in all this?

With lawsuits mounting and protestors taking to the streets, the aftermath of California’s Proposition 8 passage is beginning to look less like an advertising war and more like a civil rights battle.

I think lots of people are waiting for a definitive comment by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In May, after the State Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages would be considered legal under the existing California constitution, Gov. Schwarzenegger issued a statement saying he “respected” the decision and “would not support an amendment to the constitution that would overturn” it. He had previously vetoed two bills in favor of gay marriage.

This is a funky video (although the sound is good) of the governor answering a question about Propsition 8 at a press conference prior to the vote. Listen to his response:

A research institute at UCLA has estimated that 18,000 same-sex couples have married in California since the state Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing such marriages took effect June 16. I have a hard time believing that a voter referendum can render people suddenly unmarried, with all of the ramifications of that, such as altered tax and benefits status

You can sign this internet petition to make your feelings known to the governator (I suspect he knows what the problems are). I think he’s waiting and watching the State Supreme Court, and we’re waiting and watching him.

However, it would be nice if he’d come out on the capitol steps and talk to us a little.

We could use a friend right now.


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