The Connection Between Lesbian Tea Dates and U-Hauls

I always wonder what percentage of long-term lesbian relationships start out over a cup of tea (or coffee, chai, or cocoa). Even relationships that start in cyberspace seem to eventually end up in a coffeehouse.

Finally, researchers have found a link between physical and emotional warmth. It seems those warm cups we’re clutching, while we gaze at each other through the steam, may actually be perpetuating the infamous lesbian U-haul syndrome.

This is because we actually feel cozier toward each other, more quickly, with something warm in our hands.

Maybe those serial monogamists who rush into relationships over and over again should be required to limit their first three dates to slushies and smoothies, just to give everyone time for thoughtful consideration. (Note: Margaritas and daiquiris defeat this purpose!)

Read the story in the Los Angeles Times.


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