Feinstein & Chopra: Gay Marriage Makes Strange Bedfellows

It’s been heartening to see the recent flood of opinions weighing in on California’s Proposition 8.

Gay marriage definitely makes strange bedfellows; I never thought I would write about Senator Dianne Feinstein and Deepak Chopra in the same post!

Chopra’s opinion piece in the Huffington Post is direct and insightful. He does a beautiful job of explaining why some people are so willing to wear the cloak of self-righteousness:

What gives the anti-gay marriage forces their influence comes down to moral hazard. If you run no risk sticking your nose into someone else’s bedroom, some people are weak enough to go ahead and do it. What gives them permission is a toxic tradition, deeply embedded in the right wing, of shameless intrusion. McCarthyism, the right to life movement, school prayer, anti-immigration, and a string of other rabble-rousing campaigns have been based on harming other people without risk to yourself. What makes these movements immoral is that the whole situation is upside down. In finance, you are supposed to take extra care of other people’s money, not less, when you are entrusted with it. In a democracy, majority rule is based on respect for minority rights, the basic idea being that a bond of trust allows minorities to feel safe when they are outnumbered.

Read his piece, in its entirety, here

And while you’re at it, hear Senator Feinstein address the issue in this television ad for the No On 8 campaign:


One response to “Feinstein & Chopra: Gay Marriage Makes Strange Bedfellows

  1. Go Deepak! He makes some very valid points. Hopefully some of his “followers” will be swayed by them.

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