Sarah Palin’s Gay “Friends” – Watch This Video NOW

I’m glad I wasn’t playing a drinking game last night. If I’d had a shot of Patron for every time Sarah Palin said “maverick,” I’d be getting treated for alcohol poisoning this morning.

It was fascinating watching her rework the debate, blatantly ignoring questions she wouldn’t (or couldn’t) answer, and answering questions that hadn’t been asked. One thing is clear: she’s slipperier than moose shit in the spring thaw.

It’s definitely cringe-worthy to hear her (and McCain in his written interview) referring to the gay “friends” they know. Gov. Palin talking about her “very diverse” family. Let’s organize a queer search party! She might be keeping a gay aunt locked in the closet!

But seriously folks… take a moment this morning and watch this video from the Human Rights Campaign about Sarah Palin’s gay “friends”

And, a big shout-out to the HRC: I appreciate ya’ll going to Wasilla, so I’ll never have to. You took the bullet on that one.



One response to “Sarah Palin’s Gay “Friends” – Watch This Video NOW

  1. Thanks for sharing the vid; it’s interesting and well-made.

    Palin has recently tried to distance herself from some of the activities of the church she attends, like their efforts to “convert” gays and lesbians. But people should keep in mind that Palin promotes the “it’s a choice” canard. In one of her recent interviews with Couric she referred to homosexuality as a “decision that [people] make in their adult personal relationships” and said that her friend that is homosexual “happens to have made a choice that isn’t a choice that I have made.” (Read it here.)

    That’s the sort of misguided thinking that allows so-called “conversion therapy” to exist. I can only imagine how painful and damaging such an experience must be for people.

    I oppose Palin’s candidacy for a number of reasons, like her inexperience, but her conservative social views make the list.

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