Netflix Finally Serves Apples

Finally. The announcement I’ve been waiting for: Netflix will soon have “Watch Now” service available to Mac users like me!

I have to say, historically, there have been downsides to flying the rainbow Apple freak flag. And one of them is that we have often traded sleek design, a simple user interface, and awesome graphics for limited access to mainstream software and services.

At first my Apple computers were considered hip and cool (remember when the first one said “I am Macintosh,” and knocked off all the geek socks in the auditorium with that simple declaration?), but then there was a dark age when Mac and PC software didn’t always co-mingle.

Heck, us Mac users couldn’t even get the most popular viruses.

In the decade of the Apple Renaissance all this has changed considerably, and snide PC-using friends have stopped comparing my computer to Sony’s Betamax.

Apple computers are again cool… the chosen machines of photographers, designers, writers, and other cognoscenti.

So, call me a snob, but since the service isn’t available to Mac users, I’ve found it funny that Netflix bothers to list documentaries and indy films among the choices subscribers can “Watch Now.” I mean, really? What’s the point?

Read more about the Netflix plan here.


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