The Expanding Bust

When my friends S. & A. were about to become lesbian mommies, they decided to take a “babymoon”. This is a vacation, typically taken around the sixth month of pregnancy, to give the new-parents-to-be a little a quality time. The next few months are physically uncomfortable, and the first year with a baby can be exhausting.

In this case, my friends – then residents of the SF Bay Area – decided to drive to Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is about 6,300 feet above sea level, and the mountain passes you cross driving there are even higher.

Upon arriving in Tahoe, they began to unpack the trunk, which is when S., the expectant-bio-mom, noticed that all the potato and tortilla chip bags had swelled almost to bursting. Packed and purchased in the Bay Area’s sea-level environment, they were suffering the effects of altitude, the air inside the packages trying to expand in the thinner mountain atmosphere.

“Oh my God,” thought S., looking down at her pregnant body. “What will this altitude do to me?”

This sent her into a full-scale panic attack, and the couple spent a good part of their babymoon at a Tahoe-area hospital.

When I heard this story on NPR, it reminded me of S. & A.’s story … even though the two aren’t really connected, except in the potential of female expansion.


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