Crumbs in Bed – GPG 100

“Hey, are you going to sleep already?”

“I’m sorry Liz, I’m just so tired.”

“But you were flirty at dinner. You kept running your foot up and down my leg.”

“I was bored by the open-source chat.”

“So now I’m just a diversion? Your plaything?”

“You will be in the morning. I promise,” Bridgette murmured.

Liz snuggled in and whispered in her ear.

“Cookie?” Bridgette said, sleepily. “Why would I want a cookie? We had an enormous dinner and dessert. I just brushed my teeth and everything.”

“Honey, I said ‘quickie’.”

But the word hung in the air. Bridgette was already asleep.


3 responses to “Crumbs in Bed – GPG 100

  1. I swear I’ve had this very conversation! Very funny!

  2. Something very familiar about the “she’s already” asleep line. Hate that!!

  3. Tee hee – I’m the one who always falls asleep. 😀

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