Aural Sex — GPG 100

“I’m in bed,” Cassie purred. “Lying on my back.”

“Lovely. So what are you wearing?” the voice in her ear asked.

“Mmm, a white ribbed tank top. The thin, classic kind.”

“A wife beater?”

“Oh. My. Gawd. I can’t believe you said that. That’s so politically incorrect. I hate it when women call them ‘wife beaters’. It’s just wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.”

Her voice rose to a breathy moan on the last “wrong”.

Then there was nothing on the line but the ambient hiss of distant contact.

“You there?”

“I am. Are you done?

“Yeah . . . I think I’ll go now.”


Cassie hung up the phone.


4 responses to “Aural Sex — GPG 100

  1. WTF?! That’s all I get? I live for your posts and am addicted to checking to see if a new posting is eagerly awaiting me so I can devour it.

    You know, with all my travel, it’s a great way to keep the entertainment going between airports…

  2. Glad i finally found a moment to go through your website, some really cool stuff on here. Really liked this, it was witty. Reminds me of a stand up poet i saw recently in Dalston.

  3. Ha! I *just* had almost the same conversation.

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