Leap Year – GPG 100

blackbelt.jpegShari pulled off her fuzzy hat and shook out her hair, then unbuttoned her pink cashmere sweater.

“Take off your coat,” she said.

Nance shrugged and pulled off her wool uniform jacket, tossing it over the end of the bed.

“Now your boots.”

Nance complied, but something in the tone of Shari’s voice made her glance up.

Shari waited. Her arms, crossed in front of her, pushed her breasts together seductively. Her eyes flashed green.

“Leave the belt for me,” she said.

“It’s a leap year, which means I get to run the show. You ought to know that by now.”


One response to “Leap Year – GPG 100

  1. Extremely Sexy ——Geek Girls with a healthy libido —mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

    I really like what you have here and just wanted to say hi!!
    I recently just launched the Beta of http://www.geekplusone.com and was wondering if you could check it out —— maybe sign up – but tell me what you think.



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