Pulsar – The first of the GPG 100

What Pringles are to a steak dinner with scalloped potatoes, what an Oreo is to a warm chocolate lava cake, what a Fudgescicle is to a hot fudge sundae… these define the GPG 100. Tasty morsels of 100 words… indulgent, silly, but absolutely calorie-free. – GPG



Sam reached over and put her hand on Steph’s knee just as Steph pulled the shifter into fourth gear and the Datsun 510 lurched forward. The black gear-shift knob banged into her wrist.

“Ow! Careful. That’s my 1970’s Pulsar you’re slamming.” Sam released the clasp on her silver-toned band and rubbed her wrist where a red mark was already forming.

As the car slowed to the next stoplight, Steph reached for Sam’s arm and brushed her lips lightly across the inside of her wrist, pausing to gently suck the red mark.

“I hope I didn’t crack the crystal,” she said.


One response to “Pulsar – The first of the GPG 100

  1. I found your site through BlogCatalog and was really glad I did. I look forward to visiting your site more often– it’s definitely worth the CTRL+D!

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